Am I allowed to use Discourse-like styling in my website?

I like the default discourse theme. So I am creating my own CSS framework similar to the discourse theme. Am I allowed to make it and use it? It will look very similar to Discourse. I will credit whoever made the original theme :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s allowed as long as you’re not using the Discourse name or logo (we wouldn’t want someone to be confused and think it’s an official Discourse project of some kind). If you’d like to credit Discourse and link to our site somewhere, that would be nice.


Of course, I will credit to Discourse! :slight_smile:

Btw my framework is like this

Github: GitHub - AyProductions/theframework: The Ultimate CSS Framework made just like Discourse! Integrate Discourse styling in your pages for FREE! (I didn’t know what to name :sweat_smile:)
Demo: Framework Demo Page

The name of the framework is ‘AyProductions’ Framework’ simplified to ‘The Framework’

Please look into this to see if anything needs to be changed under guidelines