Amazon AWS account suspended, backups page gives 404 error

Looks like my credit card needs to be updated at Amazon AWS, and my backups stopped working. I got notifications about the failed backups, but no reason why. Visiting the backups page, I saw a 404 error. This topic might be FAQ material for those who follow, or a feature request to improve the error reporting. Seems to me the reason for the error could be visible on the backups page, or even in the notification.

Visiting the logs, I get a decent clue:

Failed to list backups from S3: The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records.

Logging into AWS, I see my account is suspended.

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@gerhard can we make the error a bit more visible on our side?


You now get a popup with the error message from the S3 API instead of the generic error page when something went wrong while Discourse tried to access the backup bucket.


Super cool. Thanks so much! You guys rock.


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