Ambiguous wording "These are the most popular recent topics"

Posting this on request from @erlend_sh :slight_smile:

The most popular recent topics, or the most popular of all time?

The most popular, or the latest?


So the bug is that latest is highlighted but top is what is presented, in this case?

The correct things are being presented and highlighted, but the wording in the message doesn’t match.

When viewing the most popular posts of ‘all time’, the message says they are the most popular ‘recent’ posts.

When viewing the Latest posts, the message says they are the most popular.

(I concede that this is very unimportant.)

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So, at least for the Top one, we should just omit the “recent” part and we’re good, right?

These are the most popular topics

I am still not really following what is being suggested here? Did users report a problem? Is it really necessary to say

these are the most popular topics within the specified time frame


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Maybe if dates were added to All Time it would help?

“Welcome to our community! Here are some popular topics to get you started” would likely cover off all the bases.

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Are we sure that isn’t a past version of the wording? :wink:

Nope, not sure at all!