Subcategory List Style: Rows with `featured` topics should be `latest` topics

Keeping this one short and simple as I should be sleeping already. The title should clarify enough. The rows on the parent category page are showing latest topics, not featured topics.

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Doesn’t it display the topics with the most recent activity, instead of the latest topics?

Imo latest always refers to most recent activity, just like /latest page.

Oh, I may have not well understood your statement. “Rows with featured topics” shows the latests topics instead of featured ones, is that right?
If this is the case, it indeed seems like either an option error or a wrong text.

I’m not sure why “featured” was originally chosen instead of “latest” here (possibly because pins get included too? so it’s not only topics with the latest activity)

We’ve got similar naming issues with the /categories page options too:

  • categories with featured topics
    • Each category has topics with latest activity (and pinned topics)
  • categories and latest topics
    • A list of categories and an unrelated list of topics with the most recent activity
  • categories and latest topics (sort by topic created date)
    • A list of categories and an unrelated list of the most recently created topics

Anyway that’s a little tangential… latest is probably more accurate than featured, despite neither being perfect?

If you ask me, “featured” should be renamed to “latest”. It makes more sense then “featured” which is more of a vague term here, because what is featured.

Latest makes more sense, it shows the pinned and latest topics (tho it should remove the pin if read, like in latest, does it?) and this would be the expected behavior for such this option IMO.

Good catch.

What would make these more clear to me are the following changes:

  • categories with featured topics > categories with latest topics
  • categories and latest topics > category list and latest topics

The differences between with/and are clear to me, and can be learned quickly by try-and-error.

The key confusion here, is that “featured” is referring to “3 (or 4?) latest topics” while it implies “top” topics.