Android app — Form autocomplete makes in-app option useless

I like treating Discourse as a separate app rather than opening in my browser, because I end up with a zillion tabs. And I could install as Firefox PWAs, but I like the overview with notifications.

But if I use the in-app option, the topic title and search fields remember everything I’ve used ever on any site, and the gigantic menu of these useless options gets in the way of actually writing new posts.

Is there a way to turn these off? Thanks!

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Our topic titles are already hinting to Google not to autocomplete.


See also: New post/reply sometimes tries to autocomplete my address on Chrome - #66 by sam

Not sure what more we can do here?

Does the PWA exhibit the same issue?


The Firefox PWA is fine — I haven’t tried to make Chrome PWAs.

To make things more complicated, it seems to only happen some of the time, and only pop up some of the time too, now that I’m paying attention. I dunno… computers are weird.

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