Topic title and category filter autocomplete on Chrome

Related to New post/reply sometimes tries to autocomplete my address on Chrome.

I’m using Chrome 91.0.4472.120 on Android 11 and it gives suggestions on some fields that clutter the UI, the topic title being the most common but it also happens on the category and tag filter fields:

As a user I can long press and remove the suggestion, but most people on my community aren’t very tech savvy and I’d like to avoid this confusing behavior, any suggestions?



Yikes… I am seeing autocomplete="discourse" here.

You can see the history here: FIX: use autocomplete="discourse" to disable Chrome address autofill - discourse - Discourse Reviews

According to Stack Overflow something may have changed in Chrome recently.

The last comment on that topic is not filling me with too much promise.

@Falco any chance you can test on latest Chrome / Android to see if =off is now respected more than =discourse?