Android keyboard overlaps/interferes text edit fields

There are some use cases where the Android (latest Chrome) keyboard conflicts/overlaps with the text field that the user is supposed to edit. I was able to come up with these two out of my heart, but I have a feeling there are more.

  • Trying to reply to a different topic
    • Reply to a post
    • Tap search :mag: , as the reponse actually fits better to a different topic
    • → The search field is actually active in the screenshot, but hidden behind the message composer, which is pushed up by the keyboard.

  • Banning a user with a custom reason
    • Ban user, select custom reason
    • Tap the text field in attempt to enter the reason/message. This is less severe though, as the edt text field can be found by swiping and scrolling down.

As said, I am fairly certain that there are other glitching use cases like these.

It would be great if we could go through all these text editing use cases as community effort and report all the issues to this topic. :+1:

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Hello :wave:
This theme component may help with the first part…


Not a real solution. But switching to desktop mode via side panel. Android keyboard seems more friendly

@Don 's theme-component works awesome for composer fix! :+1:

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