Keyboard overlaps the composer on Android tablets

Our users have discovered a bug that impacts Android tablets, but can also be reproduced using the Chrome dev tools as an emulator.

The repro pattern seems to be:

  • Scroll down a topic
  • Hit reply on one the messages

β€”> Keyboard overlaps the composer

When scrolling upwards, this does not happen. Seems to impact only tablet form factor - never seen this on a phone.


Is this a regression or was it always like this?

Not sure about β€œalways”, but definitely it is not a recent regression – the behavior has been like this for a long time.

Tablets have lost popularity (to smartphones) over the years and a majority of them are iPads, so this does not impact many users in our community or globally.


This issue has now occurred on my tablet as well. However, it does not happen after I open a new tab with Discourse Meta. Is there anything I can do to help find the cause of this problem?

The tab did reload now. But I’m still interested in whether there is something I can check if it happens again.


When using Firefox, it seems to depend on whether the toolbar is shown or not.


Opening and closing full-screen chat also affects how the composer and keyboard interact. It functions properly until I open the full-screen chat. Afterwards it fails.