Hi everyone

with many years of community management up my sleeve, and recurring consulting gigs for a number of clients that keep centering around facilitating any given type of discourse - with clients, or withing a team, I spent a few nights piecing together something new. I love Discourse and I thought I would try something new here, so I offer some things I already offer clients under a new “umbrella”, and I am calling it

The idea is simple and affordable kick-start type advice and support for organizations without their own expertise (yet). With technical experts on hand (but technical support and consulting isn’t the main selling point) and a very competent hosting partner, I will now see how services are being received.

I welcome feedback, mind you this is the chlid of some late night hacking, and by no means a systematic effort at starting a new consulting company (but who knows, haha).

@codinghorror I have a disclaimer in the footer, but of course if there’s further clarification needed I will quickly adjust whatever is needed to make sure that obviously I am not affiliated with


The venture can be found on Facebook here. I also plan to blog a bit around topics on community management, so this might be interesting even outside a client perspective.


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