I want to hire the service, ive got a lot of questions

i want to open a discourse forum to talk about compost with the uprising Composting profecional comunity in Latin America.

Were planing the Composting Month from 22 march ( wolrd water day) to the 22 of April (world earth day) this is gonna be a month full of descentralized activitys, the plan is to bring the subject to life, and acomplish more and better composting everywhere.

we had this idea a month ago, and we launched it a week ago and it becoming really big.

another part of this month is to get together the profecional composting comunity in Latin America for debating a bunch of issues (lets say 20 specific forums) tha will be open during that month. After some reaserch i think Discourse is THE platform to do this.
im not very good with software.

i have a lort of questions on how it works, how to hire the service and hosting, how to pay for it, how to gett it going how to birng the people to the platform, what happens when its over, and probably a lot more will come up.

Im sure its going to be on Discourse, so maybe hiring the service and hosting is the thing to do next and maybe then i can get better asistance.

can anyone help me out?


If you’re interested in purchasing an instance of Discourse, try signing up for a standard trial at Discourse pricing | Discourse - Civilized Discussion .