Anonymous Logged out users aren't able to 'Like' posts

Even when I’ve enabled the setting to allow logged out users to like posts on my website, the same still doesn’t work:

When I try to like a post thru incognito/private browser window, and click the ‘Like’ button on a post, it asks me to ‘Login’ first.

That’s what it is supposed to do? Isn’t it?

It is supposed to drive engagement by asking users to signup or login to interact with a post.


That setting isn’t for anonymous/non-logged in users, it’s connected to the ‘anonymous mode’ where logged in users can create temporary alternative accounts (enabled by adding groups to anonymous posting allowed groups)


Ok I got it.

But don’t you think this wording is ‘Not-Correct’ here:

“Enable… this setting might encourage engagement from visitors who are not currently signed in, by…”

It clearly says “engagement from the visitors, who are not currently signed in”. :dotted_line_face:

It could (read ‘should’) say: engagement from signed-in users, who wish to remain ‘anonymous’.


Yeah, that description is super wonky. :thinking:


Yes, this is a confusing setting for sure.

There has been so much confusion between three features in Discourse: 1) anonymous mode (what we’re talking about here), 2) anonymous users (who are not logged in), and (3) anonymizing of users (which admins do instead of deleting users in order to retaining their contributions to discussions).

We have already identified this issue and are going to at least partially address it by renaming anonymous mode. At the same time we’ll review and improve the related settings.


Ok that clears a lot. And, as almost always, Discourse team has already identified the issue and work is on the way. But in the mean time,

Can’t this (i.e. what I’ve raised) be solved by simply replacing 2 words:
From: " engagement from the visitors, who are not currently signed in"
To: "engagement from signed-in users, signed in users who wish to remain ‘anonymous’

Or does it create confusion in some other way?

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