Tweaking Discourse for my portfolio site

Saw others shared their personal tweaks using Discourse as a blog. So here’s mine :slight_smile:

It’s not supposed to be a forum or community, so I threw out quite a lot of elements and functionality. Would be great to hear some feedback if the ux is intuitive, if there’s glitches, or it all makes sense overall.

As a particular feature logging in only enables you to post on a Guestbook topic. I only linked authentication for that to GitHub. Not sure yet how to set this up best. I want it simple and don’t offer many choices… do you feel that works?


wow, I admire how you handled anything you want! :nerd_face:


wow, it’s amazing :star_struck:
definitely an inspiration

Fun fact: “No lo sabes” is “You don’t know” in spanish :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice design. One interesting thing about this though is that the like button is restricted to users, so unless I register to the blog I can’t like any of the topics :slightly_frowning_face:


Yeah, it’s the default Discourse like button. It also seems the default anywhere? Or do you know a site where you can like without being signed in? Would be curious to see an example.

Maybe I should just hide it as well… or put some dummy likes myself, so it doesn’t look so unloved :see_no_evil: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The same exists on some other forums (different platforms) as well as trying to like comments on websites (some news sites where comments are allowed). Many times they have a Facebook sign-in to comment. :roll_eyes:

One reason for this is so a comment cannot garner an exorbitant number of likes from anonymous users liking a comment, leaving, returning and liking it again, or the poster liking their own comment. Another reason is because the site wants to build up their user base. :wink:

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