Anonymous pageviews doubling overnight?

I noticed this happened the last two days:

I recently rebuilt my instance so just wondering if it could be a change in the way pageviews get counted? Does anyone else see this pattern?

If not, do you have any suggestions on how to investigate what’s causing this? Most of my anonymous traffic is coming from google and there doesn’t appear to be a spike in the referred count for any specific topic.

Any thoughts are appreciated


Could you share your list of plugins/themes?

What version did you upgrade from?

(FWIW I have no plugins, and I don’t see this pattern. I did have one big day - the sort of thing which happens if someone shares a link. That’s 7 days ago whereas my update was 5 days ago.


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I keep the instance pretty up-to-date. I don’t know how to check what the previous version was. It was probably previously updated about a week before this most recent update.


I’m thinking the phenomenon is not a bug (but I don’t want to rule that out as a possibility). Any tip on how to investigate the source of this traffic is appreciated

Nginx is logging everything. My guess is it happened by bots, out there is some SEO stealers sites that use false user agents.