Too many users and pageviews

So till now everything is perfect. New community, changing some text and I’m still learning. Very exciting. Thank you.
Now, I checked the stats and I saw that I have hundreds of users… but I have only 5…? Mysteries bug?
I even saw that I had 8K pageviews in the last 7 days! Maybe one day I’ll be famous but not yet :smiley:

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I think it’s the pageviews (per type of user) :thinking: and for me too it can go up fast, even without many users!
About pageview, if i understand correctly, scrolling through a topic generate as many pageviews as posts (the url changes)


Thank you Benjamin for your answer, but still doesnt make any sense for me…
I have maybe 4 topic and 2 active users… The stats don’t reflect the reality for my community.

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In the beginning, most of the pageviews were me, fiddling with the numerous options and parameters :sweat_smile: but you are right, sometime it seemed a lot. One thing for sure, when nothing at all happens, these numbers tend to zero :worried: , no bug there!
In my case the number of anonymous pageviews seems high, because it’s invite only :face_with_raised_eyebrow: , but I think it’s more some kind of low signal/noise ratio than a bug, I probably won’t notice it as the community grows.

ps: you also have a lot of data you can crosscheck here :
for example https://your.domain/admin/dashboard/reports/visits