Anonymous posting not available even when enabled

That post is out of date. I’ll create a proper howto topic for anonymous mode. Here’s a basic outline of how it is expected to work:

When the allow anonymous posting site setting is enabled, trust level 1 and above users (configurable with the anonymous posting min trust level site setting) will see an “Enter Anonymous Mode” link in their user menu:


Users can exit anonymous mode by clicking the “Exit Anonymous Mode” link from their anonymous user’s menu:


When a user enters anonymous mode, a username is automatically generated for them. The username will be anonymous plus a number. For example anonymous1 . The only anonymous user that will not have a number appended to their username is the first anonymous user to be created on your site.

The length of time that an anonymous account will remain in place for a user after they have logged out of anonymous mode and back into regular mode is 7 days. This period of time can be configured with the anonymous account duration minutes site setting. If after having exited anonymous mode, a user waits longer than that period of time before re-entering anonymous mode, a new anonymous account will be created for them.

Let us know if you’re not finding the “Enter Anonymous Mode” link on your site.

Edit: I’ve created a howto topic here: Enable and configure anonymous mode. Let me know if anything is unclear after having read that topic.