Anonymous posting not available even when enabled

On my self-hosted discourse instance, I have enabled anonymous posting at trust level 1. Yet I am not seeing how to switch to that mode as a user with level > 1 when I click under the user logo as explained here: Anonymous posting

The screenshot shows how I enabled it in my settings. What am I missing?


Are you saying that TL1 users aren’t seeing the anonymous posting icon?

Correct. I’m actually not sure what one is supposed to see. I was following along what this post said:Anonymous posting

but when testing from any user level from 1 to 4 (i have different test accounts at different levels in my Discourse instance), despite the option enabled from leve 1:basic user, I am not seeing this button where that post said it should be.

That post is still correct. TL1 users should see the anonymous icon when they click on their avatar. Have you tried hard refreshing?

Yes, I tried hard refresh. Also tried to log out and log back in. >= TL1 users not seeing the spy icon.

I was reading that anonymous posting creates new accounts, could this be something blocking it in my GCP virtual machine where I host my Discourse instance? I did the default install.

That post is out of date. I’ll create a proper #howto topic for anonymous mode. Here’s a basic outline of how it is expected to work:

When the allow anonymous posting site setting is enabled, trust level 1 and above users (configurable with the anonymous posting min trust level site setting) will see an “Enter Anonymous Mode” link in their user menu:


Users can exit anonymous mode by clicking the “Exit Anonymous Mode” link from their anonymous user’s menu:


When a user enters anonymous mode, a username is automatically generated for them. The username will be anonymous plus a number. For example anonymous1 . The only anonymous user that will not have a number appended to their username is the first anonymous user to be created on your site.

The length of time that an anonymous account will remain in place for a user after they have logged out of anonymous mode and back into regular mode is 7 days. This period of time can be configured with the anonymous account duration minutes site setting. If after having exited anonymous mode, a user waits longer than that period of time before re-entering anonymous mode, a new anonymous account will be created for them.

Let us know if you’re not finding the “Enter Anonymous Mode” link on your site.

Edit: I’ve created a #howto topic here: Enabling and Using Anonymous Mode. Let me know if anything is unclear after having read that topic.


I wasn’t seeing it there either but after disabling/enabling anonymous posting again in the settings, and reducing limit level to 0, i finally see it in that menu, although all my test user accounts had at least level 1. Not sure what blocked me from seeing it the first time. If i can replicate that glitch i’ll report back.