Another "custom signup" query :)

Thinking of using a component to do this, a simple mod request, a little customisation of the sign up modal, here is the targeted text content:

Let’s create your account

Say we want to change the “Welcome!” to “Signup Now!!”

<h1 class="login-title" style="">Welcome!</h1>

Is it possible to use CSS to change what appears in the h1?

Trying the below works for some case uses:

.login-title:before {
content: “Signup Now!”;

As it will only add to existing text content before or after.

So is ir what is the best approach here, to replace the text content, what should I look to edit instead, some other element that contains the content that populates the various fields and elements of the signup popup?

You don’t need a component to customize text, it can all be edited under admin → customize → text. You can search for welcome! for example, and change it here by clicking edit:

It’s generally not recommended to add text using CSS, because it’s not accessible or translatable.


Oh for goodness sakes… I’m a dope! :rofl: