Another Port 443 Not Accessible

Hi all, looks like it is a popular problem here.

So I have bought domain name and pointed it to static ip address, where my Synology lives and works as reverse proxy. Then data is proxied to ubuntu lxc-container on proxmox server with discourse on it.

DNS set up correctly. My domain name is pointing to Synology. I see custom error page, seems all ok.

Now I try to install Discourse. Installer says that there’s no problems with 80 port, but there’s no 443 port at all.

I tried different configurations of reverse proxying, but stopped on the one, I saw somewhere in this community: ports 80 and 443 goes to containers’ port 80.

Setup is a bit complicated because I have limited static addresses. It’s not homelab, so I cant change the whole architecture.

What can be completely wrong here? How discourse check the acceptance of 443 port? Maybe It’s some firewall issue so I need to open some specific rule just for installation process?

Thanx for any help words here.