Any account with username "adman" has a broken profile

On Discourse version v3.1.0.beta5 +233, if a new user chooses the name “adman,” “adman-b”, or “adman-c” that user’s profile is badly broken. Attempting to access the user’s public profile results in some extremely low-level failure that causes a never-ending page load (Firefox) or a simple hard error “ERR” (Chrome). This does not appear to be a trapped error.

I have verified that creating a user named “adman” results in the same problem at try dot discourse dot org. No other profile setup actions are necessary–for example, you don’t need to set a profile picture, or anything else–just using a name beginning in “adman” is enough to produce the error.

I have also verified that choosing “ad-man” as a username does not break the user’s profile. The username “adma” also does not result in a broken profile. I’m stumped.

Again, I’ve verified that this is true on both my own self-hosted Discourse, AND on I’m not sure how long the content on remains before purging, but you can see this right now by trying to load the user profile there: httpx://try dot discourse dot org/u/adman/summary

Or you can see the effect by trying to look at the user “adman-c” on my self-hosted instance: httpx://discourse dot practicalzfs dot com/u/adman-c

Meanwhile, user “adma” on try.discourse works fine: httpx://try dot discourse dot org/u/adma/summary


I’ve also confirmed that the usernames “madman” and “admyn” work properly.

So it looks like there’s a regex somewhere that triggers on /^adman/ – to reproduce the bug, the username must begin with the complete sequence “adman”.


Hello and welcome @jimsalterjrs :slight_smile:

I can’t replicate this. :thinking: Long-shot, but I don’t suppose it could be your ad-blocker reacting to ‘ad’ in some way? Can you try in an incognito window/ad-blocker off to check?


Well damn. Thank you very much, that was exactly it. The default filterset on uBlock Origin appears to be what’s breaking things, although I haven’t figured out yet which rule is getting triggered.


And this is the rule that triggers:


I’ll let my user know that’s a very poor choice of username, given how many people are using Easylist!


No worries. Glad to have helped. :slight_smile:


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