Problems with two users with same name/username (but upper/lowercase)

Today I needed to review a posting by a new user:

Please mind: This is lowercase lars

We have in fact one uppercase and one lowercase lars/Lars:


Problem #1: I can not get to lars’ profile

  • When I click on lars’ (lowercase) avatar, the profile of user “Lars” (uppercase) opens up.
  • When I click on lars, I get this
    Mind the mixed lars/Lars spelling, which should not exists according the screenshot above (either name + username all lowercase or all upercase, but not mixed)

Problem #2: I can not approve the post, since I’m getting a “500 Internal Server Error”
I guess the key would be to rename lowercase lars to “lars1” or such, but how to do that, when I can not get to his profile?

lowercase lars: new user
uppercase Lars: joined 3 years ago

Solved it myself: lars userprofile is accessible via the Admin -> Users -> New users menu
Once at his profile, I changed the username to lars1, and then I was able to approve lars’ posting.

Thanks for listening anyways! :slight_smile:

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Are you on a recent version of Discourse? This is a bug.

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We are on 2.6.0.beta2, the latest currently available version.

How are users being created on your site? Are you using SSO to log users into the site?

When username/password registration is enabled, attempting to signup with an uppercase version of a username that is already being used on the site should show an error similar to this (the username casetest is already in use on my site):


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Logon can happen either via github or user/pass.

I just tried to create a new user Lars (we have already a user with username + name = Lars):

Strangely when trying to signup with this already existing username, it gets shown as available.

Strange too: I can reach Lars’ profile via Admin -> Users, but when I click on
Show Public Profile, I get an 404 error:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Maybe the renaming of lars -> lars1 broke something?

It would maybe appear that the profile “Lars” has a problem since a while, reason why another account with the same name was possible to create (or now again, when you try).

Why don’t you have a look at an account you’re sure everything is OK, and try to create another one with the same name ?

Seems you are right. I just tried with arbitrary other already existing usernames and I wasn’t able to create a new user with an already existing username.

Is there anything that can be done to make Lars’ public profile working again (and avoid some other lars/Lars signing up and creating problems again)?

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