Any European companies using Discourse...?

Through reading the Standard Terms and the Data Processing Addendum, I can see that the documents pretty much state that they can send data outside the EU.

As much as I like the product, this is just not jiving well with our compliance folks. Which I understand.

Any other European companies who have struggled with the same issue? How have you interpreted/solved this?

My host is Scaleway, with datacentres in Paris, Warsaw and Amsterdam :). There are many options for self hosting in the EU.

I believe the Discourse team has a European option, if you don’t wish manage hosting yourself? So has Communiteq?


Hey Nina,

As Robert mentioned we do have an option for hosting in the EU, specifically Dublin, Ireland. You’re also correct that we can’t guarantee the data will never leave the EU. Our company is global, as are most of our subprocessors like our CDN provider, our image storage provider, etc. We do have numerous EU companies, large and small, that use our hosting. That said, I’m not their lawyer or compliance team, so I can’t speak to their decisions. Feel free to shoot us an email if you (or your compliance team) would like to chat about our hosting in more detail!

And this is all assuming you want managed hosting. Our Standard Terms and DPA are irrelevant if you decide to self-host.


Excellent - Communiteq may just be what we need. Thanks!