Any "free" email services that work with discourse?

Hello! I cannot buy an “email service” or whatever you call it. My current doesnt work with this and I tried with gmail after and that doesnt work either.



I’m brand new to Discourse, but was able to configure SparkPost to work with my site. It can be a paid service, but the free tier allows something like 750 e-mails per day.

MailGun also allows you to send a small number of emails without paying (you have to hook up a CC, but they won’t charge you unless you upgrade to a paid account; the card is only there to prevent spammers from opening new accounts forever).

I use Mailgun, it’s great for small forums. While 10,000 emails per month will go by quickly, turning off as many email notifications as possible will really help with traffic.

It’s not like anyone really reads them.