Recommended SMTP provider

Hey gang. Currently using sparkpost as my SMTP provider, however even with all of the DNS records in place for my domain (SPF/DKIM, etc), the vast majority of the emails sent by my site end up in the SPAM bin for my users.

I switched over to mailgun as a test , and the email deliverability was practically %100, however it is a paid plan (I used the free trial for testing), however without a credit card, you can only whitelist five email addresses.

With all that being said, can anyone recommend another decent free service such as sparkpost? I understand that mailgun is only $10/month, but still looking for free options.

Any recommendations? Deliverability is very important.

This is covered in our official documentation on github. Give it a look.

Spoiler alert: free ain’t gonna get you far.


Been using Mailgun and it’s working nicely for us so far! Very occasional deliverability hiccups, usually when one of their IPs gets on a mail provider blacklist, but their support is good. We have a medium-sized forum (around a thousand users, a few hundred active) and we’re still within Mailgun’s free plan. But even w/ a large forum their service seems relatively cheap.


I used Pepipost’s free plan for quite some time and deliverability was fine. They manually verify domains and have a reward/penalty system for opened/unopened mails. Thus they are unlikely to attract raw spammers.

Recently I switched to Amazon SES, which is quite affordable.

We use Amazon SeS sending about 40K emails a day around 1 Mil Emails a month with no issues whatsoever. And fairly affordable.