Any other locations where database connection IP / hostname set other than DISCOURSE_DB_HOST in app.yml?

Are there any other database connection definition locations other than the DISCOURSE_DB_HOST in /var/discourse/containers/app.yml?

I have my PostgreSQL server running separately from my Discourse docker server and recently I changed the database connection hostname from the database server’s public hostname/IP to a private LAN IP. I’m seeing some connections on this private LAN IP now, but I’m still seeing most of the traffic go through the public IP / interface instead.

I’ve tried to check the filesystem across the server and within the Docker Discourse image, but I’m not finding the old hostname or the old IP in any of these locations, but something is still accessing the public network interface from this Discourse installation.

Any thoughts on how to isolate why Discourse would still be trying to talk to the wrong IP now?

Make sure you follow Running Discourse with a separate PostgreSQL server.

Yes, that is exactly what was followed. Cannot for my life understand why it’s using the public IP though after this change. Especially if that’s the only place to change the IP.

Can you block access to the public port? Maybe something else is accessing it. Or you’ve left an old container running?

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