Any plans to make web stories for discourse?

So, today most of the services put in use stories for their users and i believe would be a good idea if this happened to discourse as well.

Also, this should have good tools to be enough for admins to control it.
for example, with ability to allow the users add stories, or specific users or only admins.


I investigated this a bit and it had some potential. However, the “standard” for web stories was 100% built on AMP. And with AMP going down, at least in the hype cycle, it put that standard in a harder place.

Obviously we could come up with our own format, which would be only usable from inside the instance where it lives, but there weren’t enough incentives for us to pursue that yet. Not to mention the whole FOMO-based engagement of information that disappears in 24h is not really our main focus.


I think personal Activity Streams would be of great value. So that each user can customize Activity Streams for themselves and receive role-based content (Customize your browsing experience that’s unique to you. Sort by unread, author, time period, tags, follows and more).
Here’s an example:


It’s become a massive joke online that everything must have “stories” built-in. In my honest opinion, it’s a bit ridiculous to be stuffing “stories” into platforms that don’t really need them. They make sense in Twitter and Instagram, but not Discourse.

And it’s slowly being abandoned by publishers…

Nice find! I’ll include that as a resource for this project I’ve been investigating. :+1: