Any way to display Location below the name in posts?

Hi, is there a way to display the location of a member (from the profile) below the user name in posts?

Location has a significant bearing on our site discussions and displaying the location improves engagement. I am aware it is in the user cards but am looking to have it in the posts.
Thank you.

Looks like you’d need a plugin to add the location to the serializer. The alternative with a theme component would take a bunch of API calls, so I think you don’t want to do it that way.

If you’re self-hosted you could make or commission a plugin to add the information and then it would be easy enough to add the location to a theme component (or in the plugin).


If the granularity of nations is not too coarse for you, consider:


Actually, it is the town, city - so need to pick it up from the profile field.


The flag plugin has examples of the pieces you’d need if writing a plugin yourself is an option, but it’s still a bit of work.

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IIRC the locations plugin has an option to show the location below the username on all posts, but I think it uses a whole different/custom field for that.


Thanks, newbie on creating a plugin here, but will dig deeper.

Thanks, looks like a map link.
Will explore what it takes to replace with location name.

This plugin is really powerful and has a lot of settings, I think you can just set location geocoding to none and the address field will be stored as string, with no geocoded location.