Anyway to show location (or a custom field) next to the username for each reply?

User location happens to be very important to our community. Is there anyway to show location (or a custom field) in the box above?


This is plugin territory, but I’m also interested in this sort of thing so consider this a +1


Location is shown on the user card, simply click or tap on the user’s icon to see their user card. Location can be filled in the user’s preference page.

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I understand and have done that already. Our user card includes location, as well as, a lot of other information (about, etc.).

Different communities have different salient details/critical info. For us, it happens to be “location” (I setup location as a custom required field). For meta.discourse, it is probably “title”, and that’s why you designed it to be featured next to username. So happens, “title” is not really important to our community.

I guess you’ve already answered my question.

Is there a work around? I guess I can ask users to fill in location in the title field (actually, not sure I can do that). Any suggestions?

You could certainly use title as location, in your community.

Ooo, how do I do that? How do I link the title field to the location (a custom field)?

Or do you mean I have to ask users to manually edit the title field in preference? :sweat:

You could

  • use Admin>Customize>Text Content to change the Title label to Location

  • use CSS to hide the original Location field on the user profile

There are some other ways to use Groups to assign Titles. I could see that working for an organization with location-based groups, chapters, etc.


I get your first two points.

However, Groups are not sufficient in representing the specificity of the locations.

Best thing would be to somehow assign location (or custom field) directly to Titles. Is that possible?

That would be a plugin/programming effort. Not sure how easy it would be.

Yup, thanks for trying. At least now I know what is involved. Thanks.

Maybe could try this plugin:
National Flags - Display user nationality in Discourse