Any way to set orientation in manifest.webmanifest to portrait?

I tried to edit the metadata_controller.rb file, but with ./launcher rebuild app it just reset to having the setting for this field empty (as in the user can choose). So, is there any way I can force portrait mode with PWAs, or does only the Discourse team decide in core for all Discourse instances?

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You may want to read history about this somehow controversial topic:

People always complain, so we don’t set anything anymore. If you want your phone to not rotate you can lock the rotation on the Android quick access button in the notification drawer.

That said, if you still want to change the manifest for your site you will need to write a plugin.


Thanks. Perhaps I’ll write a plug-in.

I’d also like to let you know the reason I’d like portrait only. Let’s take Meta Discourse as an example. I’m using an iPhone, so I go to on Safari and click on Share_Icon_Apple_NEW and then add to home screen. So everything works fine, and this is what it looks like:

However, when I rotate the screen into landscape mode, and then rotate back to portrait mode, this happens (notice the banner becomes cut off, and it doesn’t go back to normal)

I wouldn’t bet on that property being respected in iOS considering their support for the Web App Manifest is almost non-existent.


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