Manifest orientation property

(Lars Willighagen) #1

A while back the manifest.json orientation property was changed from portrait to any. This, however, makes Chrome for Android ignore the native Android orientation lock, which makes it quite difficult basically impossible to read posts with your phone sideways. In fact, the Chrome docs even say:

Use this selectively. Users prefer selecting the orientation.

This makes me think any isn’t really the default. Could the property orientation simply be omitted? The Web App of for example, works fine for me and doesn’t have it set in its manifest.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

What do you think @falco?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #3

At first it was portrait and people asked for any in the link OP provided.

Then we got a PR changing to natural.

Then we got complaints and changed back to any.


We can certainly do this. Let me research a bit and get back to you.

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(Ryan Erwin) #5

I’ve noticed that while orientation is set to any, the system “orientation lock” is ignored.
Seems like the desired settings would be “same as chrome” (portrait/landscape based on how your holding the device, unless you’re using the system wide orientation lock)… but not sure what that translates to in W3C speak…

(Alex Bass) #6

Same here, have been discussing it in this thread: