Anyone using Discourse as an internal Question/Answer repository?

Looking at something like StackOverflow Enterprise, to supplement our internal wiki’s and other knowledge management solutions with a tool that will allow questions between our engineering teams to be captured, managed, and searchable to avoid having to be answered multiple times via email or skype/slack.


We use Discourse internally as our Knowledge Base as we blogged about here How Does Team Discourse Use Discourse?.

I also used Discourse as the internal discussion platform at my previous job, which had over 100k employees, and we found that for internal discussions you don’t really need the StackOverflow strictness.


It is well suited for this purpose, unless, of course, you want to repeat StackOverflow.

Yet the classic question and answer model site is very different from the Discourse model. The difference in instruments and in the atmosphere.

We use the Discourse to work together, and this is great.

Classic question and answer site, a slightly different site. We have (on other software) such a site, and I still wonder why users have not cursed it yet. Of course, there are incentive systems, but sometimes it seems that there are more penalties than rewards.

I do not think you need such a system.

Discourse is a great tool for teamwork.

The best way to test this is to install the Discoure and the plugins that you see fit.


I would generally agree with @Falco and @Stranik, but if you are looking for a QnA style format within Discourse you can also use the Question Answer Plugin.