Anyone's using Reclaim Hosting's 2GB Ram for $10/month?



Anyone using their service?

managed discourse for $10 a month with 2GB ram - too good to be truth?

(Kane York) #2

Definitely not, it’s just a question of either:

  • is the kernel new enough to use Docker AND has aufs available; or
  • do they let you switch the kernel?


It’s specifically for Discourse. I’d be surprised if they ran that advert and didn’t test it out.

No reason why 2GB VPS can’t be had. DO is a bit pricey… like… a bit… but it has a nice looking, easy to use interface, and they paid lots of monies for adverts to be so well known with so little experience compared to some other hosting companies… so that’s how they recoup the losses, they jack up the price.

I could break even at $5/m 2GB, but how would people know I existed?

(Dave Mackey) #4

Just visited the site today, looks to me like it is 2 GB storage, not RAM.

(Logan Mathews) #5

You’re indeed correct. It’s 2GB of storage. You don’t get any guantee on ram of CPU. It’s shared hosting and you get all of the cons associated with it.

Pl3bs, DO is not in any way shape or form pricey for a US VPS provider who actually has good hardware. I’m aware other countries such as Germany offer far better prices, but in the US, DO is a fine and pretty cheap solution.