API feature request for additonal info about external accounts

Hey !

I’ve looked into Discourse’s API, and was wondering if additional info about external accounts (from other social networks) could be get through it.

In my case, it’d be for Discord : I’d like to sync people that create their account on the forum with a role on my server. On a command the user would type, the Discord bot would check if a Discourse account does have the user’s Discord account linked to it using its ID. (Might have been a bit hard to understand sorry '^^)

How’s that sound ? :content:

Everything is in the API. Search “reverse engineered api”. I guess you want the discord id in a user custom field?

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Yep that’s it, exactly ! :content:

Did you try searching beforehand?


I did try, but never found this.

Thanks a lot !! :content::content:

I’ll give it a try and keep you all up-to-date here. —

EDIT : I had tried this already. It spams the Discord API and almost got my original bot banned last time — Can’t use this. I’d rather make use of the Discourse API myself, and get IDs easily. Plus, it’s not working the way I want it to work.

What I’d basically like to have is a !check command. When the user runs it, it checks the Discord user’s ID and on the site if an account with the same ID exists. If it does, it gives a role. If not, it doesn’t.