Application Forms for User Groups Automation

I run a medium-sized gaming community with several administrative positions that often get rotated. Previously we used enjin for a long time which featured the ability to create custom application forms for those various positions.

Community members could apply for a position and the admins could review/discuss the application directly and privately on the form. After a decision was made an admin could either accept or reject a form and then the user would be added/removed from certain user groups to automate access control to sensitive forum parts.

Basically what we are looking for is the functionality of the Appy Discord bot but for Discourse. Is there an official plugin which could fulfill this purpose or any tips on how we could achieve this?

If there is no official plugin or theme component facilitating application forms would it be possible to move this topic into the feature request category?

You could create a form template – However, customizations are likely needed to validate and automatically add a user to a group.

You have Custom Wizard Plugin 🧙, but it’s unclear to me whether there is a validation system.

You can create a group with a custom template. However, that’s not super convenient to create a form within it. (That would be nice if you could use a Form Template here). It’s probably the closest to what you want.