Applying Watched Words to existing posts

I can’t seem to get links to work at all for our new forum. I put in a word, and a link, and it passes the test. But there are already posts on the site with this keyword in them, and they aren’t being converted to a link. Is there something more that needs to be done to enable this feature than just inserting a word and a link?

It will only work on new instances of the word. To linkify the old ones you’d need to rebake those posts.

I JUST figured that out, they need to be new or edited. Thanks!


There’s also an option to ‘Rebuild HTML’ in the post wrench menu which will rebuild them with the new rule in place. :+1:

To do a significantly large amount you would need to perform a rake task on the server. You can read more about those in Administrative Bulk Operations

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Could I make a request that this optionally allow for targeting a new browser tab? When linking to a totally external destination, this would be nice to be able to choose on a per-link basis (or maybe to be able to set a default globally as well)

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