Prevent self-referential linkify links in posts

Is there a way to do the opposite, i.e. somehow disable or tell it to ignore watch words while composing a post?

The issues I’m seeing is this:

  1. I’ve setup watched words to link specific words to a specific topic (e.g. upload files)
  2. When I edit the post in that topic, those same words (i.e. upload files) are used in that post and it automatically replaces those words with a link back to the same post.

This is creating confusion for the users because those automatic links bring it back to the same post. Is there a way to

  1. Either disable watched words for a specific category or topic?
  2. Disable watched words (manually) while writing a post?

I started discourse this month, and although the option is very good, I have found the same problem that you mention.

In my case, when creating a topic, and writing the watched word several times, it changes everywhere (even in H1 titles), so I have a “spam nest” in all the source topics.

I would at least like there to be a code to put in the paragraphs, where I do not want the aforementioned rule to apply.

I don’t know if, due to the time that has passed, you have already solved it in some way.

I haven’t been able to solve it unfortunately. The only partial solution I have found to set each set of watches words as a regex expression and then manually turn off the regex watched words setting from the admin settings panel each time I want to edit a post with watched words. This is far from perfect because for a simple regex like (test) it does not work and is pretty cumbersome to use the admin panel each time I want to edit a watched word post.