Arabic plural forms are not being used

There is a problem with Arabic plural forms, as the only used forms are "one" and "other", while there are a total of 6 forms! For example (F:Form): F_zero: A F_one: B F_two: C f_few: D f_many: F f_other: F

“other” is selected for count=2 while there is a form for it (two) and it’s not used (And it has a translation).

On first glance everything looks fine.

Can you give an example for a string where the pluralization doesn’t work? What text is shown and what would you expect instead? A screenshot would help too.

The translation for the string is (Form is in brackets):
"لا إعجابات" (zero) "إعجاب واحد" (one) "إعجابان" (two) "{{count}} إعجابات" (few) "{{count}} إعجابا" (many) "{{count}} إعجاب" (other)
As you see, in the green box the "one" form is used (1 like) In the red box, the "other" form is used while it should be the "two" (2 likes)
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I see. The pluralization rules for the client are missing.

In case you want to create a pull request, take a look at this example (of course the pluralization rules for Arabic are different):

The pluralization rules for the server look fine:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

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So, Ping? :innocent: