Are chat messages hard deleted after the retention period?

Are chat posts kept in the database after the retention period, after chat post deletion or after chat channel deletion? Thanks.

I guess this is partly related to the question above about what happens to chat posts when they’re not visible any more: Discourse Chat - #15


My bad, I meant to reply to that and it’s slipped away from me.

Currently they are hard-deleted[1] after the retention period. :+1:

For individual chat message or chat channel deletions, they are initially soft-deleted[2], and we’re adding in the bit that will make them hard-deleted along with the others once the retention period rolls round.

(Small note: Even though the channels are soft-deleted initially, there is currently no way to resurrect them once gone. It’s on the roadmap, but hasn’t been scheduled as yet)

  1. ie. ‘Permanently removed from the database’ ↩︎

  2. ie. ‘Hidden from public view’ ↩︎


Just a small update on this, but this should be fixed by