Retention settings per chat channel

Continuing the discussion from Introducing Discourse Chat (BETA):

I’m trying to set up something of an online dojo and I was thinking to use one of the chat channels as a sparring ring. For this specific channel, I’d like to set the retention to 1 day or even lower, maybe to a few hours. For other channels, I’d like to have the retention be infinite. For others, maybe even a few minutes.

Is there any plan to add this and/or other chat-channel specific settings?

If not in the pipeline, any suggestion on how hard this would be to implement in a plugin?

Not that I’ve looked at the code, but it should be pretty easy to set up a job that would clean out a channel. The hard part would be figuring out a ux to manage it. If you were content to hard code it, it shouldn’t be but a few lines of code per category once you figure out how to create a job.

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Nothing concrete yet, but this is certainly an interesting use case! We are going to need to wait a bit here till we get the “chat channel info” screen done.


Ooo nice, I’m excited a chat channel info screen is in the cards. Sounds great to me.


Yes very much on the cards, it will show the list of members in a channel, was a huge repeat request from various testers of chat.