Are emails *always* sent for watched categories?

Are emails always sent for watched categories? I’m asking because I’m under the impression that this may not be the case for a user that is not only watching the category (first post) but is also notified about the post for other reasons (e.g. because the post links to one of the users previous posts). Can someone confirm this behaviour? And if so, is this intended?

I would expect that if I’m watching a category, that would trump all other notifications so that when a new topic is created in that category I will definitely receive the full post as an email (rather than just a notification about the post linking to one of my earlier posts).

Can you test it :heart_decoration:

No. This is the expected behavior.

There is a profile setting that says something like "don’t email me if I saw it on the site. " It can be changed to something like “email me harder”

I know, and it’s obvious that if the user has seen the post, no email should be sent, i.e. seeing the post cancels email. But my suspicion is that being linked to in topic also cancels the user watching email, probably because we don’t want to email about the same post twice.

If this is indeed what is happening, then my suggestion is that instead of sending the “you have been linked email” we should send the email “there is a new topic in the category you’re watching”.

Not at the moment. And only if we agree that this is not expected behaviour. But that is implied in your question, right?

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