Are House Ads invisible to select users?

I’m using the Discourse Ad Plugin and I’ve programmed house ads for my forum. What I’ve found strange though is that users that are logged into the forum cannot see the advertisements, but anonymous users can on a computer. However, when I log in on my cellphone I can see the house ads just fine. What’s going on here? Can somebody explain this? I’d like to make it so advertisements are shown to all users.

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Do you have an ad blocker on your desktop computer? If so, does disabling the ad blocker fix the issue for you. If disabling the ad blocker does not fix the issue for you, how are you creating the house ads?

I’m asking this because I ran into a surprising issue with house ads and ad blocker extensions a few weeks ago: Chrome adblock extension house ads issue.


Hello, I’ve made sure to disable all my ad-blockers. Turns out, after I had to fully remove the extension, the advertisements began to work as normal. Seems like some ad-blockers don’t get disabled completely even when the toggle is turned off for my forum. Though I find it strange how I could still create house ads but not see it when my ad-blocker was installed.


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