Ability to _NOT_ show ads to anonymous visitors?

In the official House Ads plugin, would it be possible to add a “don’t show ads to anonymous visitors” preference?

Use case…

My community is set up that anyone can join/create-an-account. So I have a banner that encourages that, and Discourse itself does a great job with the “you seem to be enjoying…” prompts, like/reply leads to login/create-account, etc.

I’m using a house-ad to encourage people to subscribe. That puts them in specific discourse-group which grants them extra things.

So anonymous users are seeing both the “make a free account” and the upsell-house-ad. It would be better [in my opinion] if they were only offered one “next step”. Anonymous? we lead them to make a free account. Logged-in? they see the house-ad. (And of course if they’re in the group that the subscription plugin grants them, there’s no house-ad.)

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I haven’t looked to see just how to do it, but I think that the simple solution is to hide those with CSS. Just stick some css in your house ads to make it easy to hide them for anonymous users.


oh! How would I write a CSS selector for anonymous users?? (I’d never have thought to try that.)

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I don’t know well enough to tell you, but search for “Hide css anonymous” and you should get some hints.


You need to select html.anon in order to target anonymous users.

html.anon .discourse-adplugin {
    display: none;

…is such a simple solution.

I recant my idea for a needed feature :wink:


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