Are Staff and All Groups Included in Dashboard Reporting?

Hi - I want to see the behavior of all non-staff users or those who aren’t in a specific group (My employees group).

  1. Is staff website behavior (like visiting admin pages) reflected in the following dashboard reports? Daily engaged users, page views, and new contributors?

  2. Is there a way to select to exclude members of a specific group from reporting? I saw someone tried running a script to do this and was hoping there was an alternative.

Thank you!

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I recall this coming up before, but I don’t remember the answer. Do you @simon?

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Yes, staff users are included in all the reports that I know of - I checked the daily engaged users, page views, and new contributors reports just now. The only condition that is put on users in the reports is that they are ‘real’ users. This is used to exclude the system user from the reports.

Another exception to this is the reports that you find by clicking the “Moderators” link on the dashboard - these reports only include site moderators (users who are only admins are also excluded.)

You can use the Data Explorer plugin for this. Writing the queries will take some work, but if you get stuck on that, there are members of this community (myself included) who enjoy writing queries, so it’s likely you can get some help.

Possibly we could add an option to the dashboard reports to allow for filtering by group. I’m not sure if allowing groups to be excluded from the report would make more sense that allowing the report to be run against a specific list of groups. I can see how excluding staff from the reports could be useful for some scenarios though.


Ok I’ll try writing a query for the Data explorer plugin.

This would be an incredible feature as for our community there is much less interest in employee platform behavior. I would really like to only focus on the members we attract (Or being able to filter by group).

Thank you for the help, Simon!