Are you interested in native mobile apps?

Hello everyone, I’ve been building native mobile apps on iOS and Android, such as Eagleapk , some with millions of users, for a living for about 6 years now.

I wanted to gauge the interest among Discourse forum owners for native iOS and Android mobile apps.

It would most likely be a catch-all app where you enter your host name and login (rather than a whitelabeled one). But the important thing is that it is native, with support for a few popular plugins and with push notifications.

I’d like to invest the time to build these for forum owners who would pay a yearly fee to have their forum accessible on such an app. But I’m unsure if there are enough interested forum owners to make it financially viable for me.

Thoughts? If you run a Discourse forum, would you or would you not be willing for pay for a native mobile app for your users?

Just FYI, I spoke to a mod here for the OK to post this here.