Arrange Categories in Hamburger Menu

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Hi, I think that it would be a nice feature if a site owner could decide to organize the Categories in the hamburger menu.

For instance, in my Discourse instance, there are dozens of Categories. This confuses some participants.

For that reason, it would be nice to limit the display to the top 6-8 Categories in the hamburger menu. The goal would be to simplify and clarify where to find the main discussion areas.


Yes, it would help if at least they appeared on the hamburger menu using the same order as the /categories list when fixed category positions is true.

The answer is still the same.

This is an admin choice, and it applies to the /categories page.

A user might be more interested in some categories than others, so the categories they see in their hamburger menu is based on these criteria.

As an admin, you can control how many categories get rendered in the hamburger menu via the header_dropdown_category_count setting - it defaults to 8.


I think it would be great to give admins more rights here.
As Gregorys grow in our forum it would be better to have a similar Look for every USER in the Forum (if the admin wants to)

For our Forum it would help to only show the Top-Level Gregorys as we work with subcategorys because of having that much.
Would be great if you could reconsider that.

Best Regards