As a commenter, when does Flagged turn off? How does it work?

(Dave Horsman) #1

I am sorry, I can’t figure this out.

I flagged my own comment.

Does it remain flagged forever?

Does the flag clear after a moderator actions it?

After the moderator clears the flag (maybe,) can I flag it again?

If there a link(s) where I can read up on flagged comments in detail?

For that matter, where is the user (commenter) documentation?

(Anders Thengs Kristensen) #2

The flag will always be listed on the “Old Flagged Posts” page.

No. You’ll only be able to flag a post twice, once as off-topic/ inappropriate/ spam, and once for moderator attention. But you’ll usually only flag a post once (I only realised it was possible when looking into it for this)

Posts you have flagged will display a “you flagged this as inappropriate/ off-topic/ spam / for moderators” below them, but you don’t have any page to list them all unless you’re a moderator/ admin. You can’t see if your own posts have been flagged unless you’re a mod/ admin.

If you’re looking for information on flags, What are Flags and how do they work? is a good place to start. Discourse Moderation Guide also touches on flags, from a moderator POV, as does DRAFT: Flagging queue - General

(Dave Horsman) #3

Thanks. I’m looking at engagement between moderators and commenters and how flagging could be employed. That’s great.

(Dave Horsman) #4

Yes I am wondering ideas like flagging leading to a private moderator comment thread, a request for pre-moderating my own comment to avoid penalties, more reasons for flagging, more engagement by moderators, etc.

IE. would Discourse be a good platform for that.

Thanks for your time I may return to this post in a few months with a more focused discussion.