As a commenter, when does Flagged turn off? How does it work?

I am sorry, I can’t figure this out.

I flagged my own comment.

Does it remain flagged forever?

Does the flag clear after a moderator actions it?

After the moderator clears the flag (maybe,) can I flag it again?

If there a link(s) where I can read up on flagged comments in detail?

For that matter, where is the user (commenter) documentation?

The flag will always be listed on the “Old Flagged Posts” page.

No. You’ll only be able to flag a post twice, once as off-topic/ inappropriate/ spam, and once for moderator attention. But you’ll usually only flag a post once (I only realised it was possible when looking into it for this)

Posts you have flagged will display a “you flagged this as inappropriate/ off-topic/ spam / for moderators” below them, but you don’t have any page to list them all unless you’re a moderator/ admin. You can’t see if your own posts have been flagged unless you’re a mod/ admin.

If you’re looking for information on flags, What are Flags and how do they work? is a good place to start. Discourse Moderation Guide also touches on flags, from a moderator POV, as does


Thanks. I’m looking at engagement between moderators and commenters and how flagging could be employed. That’s great.

Yes I am wondering ideas like flagging leading to a private moderator comment thread, a request for pre-moderating my own comment to avoid penalties, more reasons for flagging, more engagement by moderators, etc.

IE. would Discourse be a good platform for that.

Thanks for your time I may return to this post in a few months with a more focused discussion.