Asking how to automatically write tag in composing a topic

Is there any plugin or settings that if user post a topic in a certain category then it will automatically add tags? I am adding more topic like bulk but not bot im doing it manually im just asking if there is any way to add tag automatically in certain category. Like

example in
Announcement category all topic has the same tag with ‘required’

Im posting many im looking if there is any way that if you compose a topic then it will automatically put the tag. Thanks!

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@R_X Hey, Is is this you’re asking?

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No sir. Im asking if theres any possible that if you compose a topic you wouldnt need to enter the tags because its automatically there when you set it like in category


Categories can’t have default tags. That wouldn’t make sense to do either, because tags and categories are different dimensions of organization for your topics.

You can however create a link or a bookmark which will create a topic that has tags pre-populated, this is the syntax:

You don’t have to specify the title or body using the link, if you just wanted to pre-populate category or tag you would just use those parts. This bit of the URL is mandatory:

And each field is separated by a &. If you want to use a space in any field then use %20 which will be automatically converted.


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