Default tagging

Hello! There is a nice feature in Discourse that defaults new topics to the category that the user is visiting. For example, if one goes to the page /c/feedback and clicks on “New topic”, that topic will be assigned the category “feedback” automatically.

Is it possible to make Discourse work the same way for tags? For example, I can filter the topics by category and tag by calling something like /c/feedback?tags=bug. I would like that the users who create new topics on this filtered page have these topics automatically tagged with “bug”.

Thanks a lot in advance!


@techAPJ has done a lot of work on tagging recently. Let’s ask him how feasible/easy this is to do.


This already works, try creating new topic from: Topics tagged faq-material


So the URL is /tags/c/[category]/[tag-name]?

Very cool, thanks!

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