Missing avatars and site images after import of a backup


I am trying to move my site to a new server and a new domain (subdomain forum.sitename.tld)

I did import the backup.

I did rebake posts.

But I still dont see any avatars - how to rebuild them?


After backup

Also images inside posts are missing

After backup

I hope you can help…

Did You follow the migration guide properly?

Did You perform the discourse remap?
Did it execute successfully?


Further information.

Im moving from the latest version of discourse to the latest version.

That should work just fine as long as uploads are remapped.

But how? As they are not remaped…

I did use the guide you link to.

Please look at the very last step.

You need to update in the database the new url for all the assets.

Additionally, If you were using a CDN or S3 earlier, You may have to make additional changes in discourse and in the CDN to use the new domain.

I hope there are no errors related to CSP in browser console as well.

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I did a new (and second) import.

And now try to rebake one more time…

I report back

It seems to be fixed.

I might be due to

discourse remap talk.foo.com talk.bar.com

The second time I didnt do that step.

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