Assign topics without adjusting the tracking setting

Hope you can help us :slight_smile:
We are currently using the Assign Plugin for our forum topics. It is our way of transferring the responsibility of replying to Staff users. At the moment, when I assign a topic, it changes my tracking setting for the post. E.g.: When I assign it to someone, it changes my status from ‘‘Normal’’ to ‘‘Watching’’.

Is there a way to use the assign plugin without having it change this specific setting? Could it stay to ‘‘Normal’’ when we assign the topic to another user?
It would be OK if it changes to ‘‘watching’’ when we assign it to ourselves, but when we assign it to someone else, we don’t really want to follow each interaction.

Thanks in advance


Probably triggered by your assignment post in the topic.

Hello @codinghorror,
Thank you for answering me :slight_smile:
So, if I understand correctly since my profile settings are set to Watching ‘‘When I post in a topic’’, the automatic assignment post counts as a reply when assigning a topic?

The assignment posts help us keep track of the interactions, so we’d like to keep them.

That being said: is there a way to customize the notifications or to adjust the tool so that it is set to ‘‘Watching’’ only to the Assigned user, not the user that assigns it? Of course, that would not count if you assign the topic to yourself…

That way, we would only follow topics that we decide to follow or that are assigned to us.