Attempt to recreate deleted chat channel with same name fails

Hello, I seem to have a problem with this plugin here. I have recently deleted one of the channels, however when I attempted to re-create one of the channels and linked it to the same category, I encountered some kind of “bug”. When clicking “Create Channel”, nothing happens. I’ve tried multiple browsers, same thing. Does anyone know a solution? Thanks.


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I’m able to reproduce this:

  1. create a chat channel named “foo”
  2. delete it
  3. try to create another chat channel named “foo”

UI doesn’t give any feedback.

In Chrome dev tools, I see a PUT request to /chat/chat_channels has returned a 500


  1. Create new channel with a different name (e.g. “foo2”)
  2. Edit channel and set name to “foo”

Thanks for the solution. The channels were successfully recreated.


This has been fixed for new deleted channels. When deleting a channel it will now get a generated slug allowing you to use the old slug on a new channel.


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