Aufs/overlay2 storage driver (docker)

Hello Discourse Team, I have a little question about Docker, I’m not an expert at all in the matter, but before you recommanded aufs storage driver for Docker, and a year ago when I used the command wget -qO- | sh from the install guide it seems that it was automatically an aufs storage driver.

On the most recent install/reinstall that I’ve done, with this command it comes with an overlay2 storage drive (I tried on two different hosting services and it comes with overlay2 - is it because I started with Ubuntu 14.04 and the new install are with the 16.04 version?).

I’ve seen some recent post saying that it should be fine either way, so I’m not too worried, but I want to be sure. I prefer asking some question that might be stupid to be sure

Can you confirm aufs is still the best option for Discourse? Or overlay2 will be as good of an option and I don’t have to worry at all about that?

I’m also aware of this guide, so if aufs is still the best option, I might use it.

I have the same question. I’ve just installed Discourse following an official walkthough on Ubuntu 16.04 and my storage driver is overlay2. I’ve installed Discourse in the past, and the driver always was aufs.

Shall I somehow switch to aufs, or overlay2 is ok? Thanks.


On my blog I have been using overlay2 for multiple years with no issues, of course your mileage may vary here but it appears to work fine for me